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Claim of Spouse to Interest in Member's Pension (Form 1)

After a marriage breakdown (divorce) in British Columbia, the Member's spouse may submit the Claim of Spouse to Interest in Member's Pension (Form 1) - BC to notify the Plan Administrator of the spouse's legal interest in the Member's pension. A formal agreement with the Member, or a court order must state that the spouse is legally entitled to a part of the Member's pension.

Information Needed to Complete the Form
To complete the form, the spouse must include:

  • Plan information,
  • spouse's personal information,
  • Member personal information, and
  • information related to the spouse's claim.

Once the Administrator receives this form from the former spouse, it must provide the spouse with information regarding the Member's pension and notify the spouse before it acts on any directions given by the Member. If the spouse wishes to request a transfer of the lump sum value of his/her proportionate share, the spouse must complete a Request for Transfer from Unmatured Defined Contribution Plan (Form 3) - BC.

Questions on completing the form should be directed to the Plan Administrator.

Completed forms should be forwarded to the Plan Administrator.

Questions and Answers about Pension Division on Marriage Breakdown in British Columbia

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Claim of Spouse
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